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    కథ రసవత్తరంగా సాగుతోంది. రచయిత తొందర గానే సినిమా పూర్తి చేసారు.
    సినిమా కథ వెనుక నేపథ్యం చక్కగా వివరించారు. సినిమా
    రిలీజ్ అయ్యే ముందు నటీనటులు, సాంకేతిక నిపుణులు
    ఎన్తటి టెన్షన్ కు గురిఅవుతారో విపులీకరించిన విధానం ప్రశంశనీయం.
    చదువరులు తక్కువ అయిపోతున్న అంశాన్ని నొక్కి వక్కాణించారు.ఒక మామూలుఅంశాన్ని తీసుకుని ఆసక్తి కరంగా రాయబూనడం పెద్ద సాహసమే అని చెప్పాలి.
    సినిమా రిలీజ్ అయ్యింది. చూద్దాం ఫలితం ఎలా వుంటుందో. ఉభయులకూ అభినందనలు. వచ్చే ఆదివారం కోసం ,సీరియల్ తరువాత భాగం కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తూ…
    హనంకొండ. 506004

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      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      Dr.KLV Prasad Garu!
      Thanks for reading the episode so analytically and offering your valuable comments,which are :
      Inspiring, encouraging,supporting,and helpful for my betterment in future writing.

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    Emphasis on book reading is the highlight in this episode. Reading maketh a full man is Bacon’ s quote.
    This episode also gave an interesting read. Best wishes to my classmate and wish this novel to end into a film.

    1. 2.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      ASN Garu!
      Thanks for your observations.
      Book reading,a must for every body.
      Also Thank you for your wish to see the novel end in a movie.
      Whenever,I think of you, I always used to remember our college days and all our classmates.
      More so today after reading your affectionate comments,
      I am grateful to you dear ASN.
      Thank you Thank you Thank you …..

  3. 3

    N Jagadeesh Babu

    Emphasis on book reading habit is good

    1. 3.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      Thank you Jagadish Garu!!!

  4. 4

    N Jagadeesh Babu

    Writer Emphasis on book reading habit is good

    1. 4.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      నిజమేకదా!!! జగదీష్ గారు !!!!

  5. 5

    Boddu Rattaiah

    Thota sambasiva Rao gari serial is good .Readability and story presentation is excellent.
    Rattaiah Tenali AP India

    1. 5.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      Rattaiah Garu!
      I am happy that you liked the serial.
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      Continue to read the serial till end and encourage me.
      I always value your comments.

  6. 6

    FTV varaprasad

    చాలా మంచి కథనం. చెప్పే విధానం చాలా బాగుంది.

    1. 6.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      వరప్రసాద్ గారు!
      మీ అభినందనలకు ధన్యవాదాలు!!
      నా మీద మీ అభిమానాన్ని ఇలాగే కొనసాగించండి !!!!

  7. 7

    Usha rani

    I am following the story of the writer Sri.Thota Sambasivarao from 1st part. He enlightened many points which present generation has to notice. Starting with konasema beauty of the nature. It is true. Recently I learnt from the news paper if one visits konasema need not to visit Kerala. Writing in Telugu is not an easy thing. In present conditions we have to promote telugu language. Last but not least Reading books is a good habit. The writer through is story brought this into light. My grandson is also is the habit of reading of books. His mother taught him. Last the writer empasised how much hard work does the film industry for release of pictures. Finally from Bhagvad Geetha success or failure in not in one’hand the almighty ‘s hands. Our’s is only effort. The writer is great in narration with valuable points. Really we have to encourage such writers.

    1. 7.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      Usha Rani Garu!
      You are reading every part of the serial, so analytically and not even missing any one of the crucial aspects in bringing up the story and maintaining the tempo.
      The interest shown by your daughter in habituating her son towards Book Reading, is praise worthy.
      Your comments have given me strength and my confidence level has gone up by going through those comments.
      Thank you for reading my serial and taking so much pains in writing eloberative and inspiring comments.
      Thank you!!!

  8. 8


    Very thorough explanation how a movie is made from the idea of movie making to finding out the result. Felt like as if you produced a movie and written this series with that experience. Awesome Sambasiva Rao.Looking forward to read more of your novels.Thank you for explaining the importance of reading books and the importance of cultivating that habit in younger generations is really commendable.

    1. 8.1

      Sambasiva Rao Thota

      Thank you Indrani!
      It seems that
      You are very interestingly reading the serial.
      You have exactly understood the essence of the story and the message within.
      Thanks for your appreciation of the story in the novel and encouraging me to go ahead in the field of writing…..


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